Router Suddenly Stopped Working (After Storm, Power Outage; Lights Out)

By SB •  Updated: 05/15/21 •  6 min read

A power disruption is a common reason for a router to suddenly stop working properly. So what do you do to fix this problem to regain all the blinking green lights and a functioning router?

If the router stops connecting to the internet after a storm or power outage, the easiest first step is to plug it into another outlet. If the router doesn’t power on, swap the power adapter for one with similar specs.

After those steps, proceed with the options below to troubleshoot why your router is unresponsive after a power outage or suddenly stopped working.

Router Stopped Working, No Indicator Lights

If no lights are on:

Make sure that the DC plug is compatible with the router, and your location.

Test the Power Adapter for a Cheap and Easy Solution

If Router Lights Are On

What do the lights mean?

Is the Modem or ISP the Problem? If your router is broadcasting a network (this means your computer or phone can connect to your home network but you’re not able to actually access the internet) then:

Router Firmware Disruption and Corruption. Were you updating your router’s firmware at the time of the power outage? Any new firmware update, or the overheating of the router, may also disrupt internet connectivity.

Reset/Restore Settings. If your router is still not working properly or won’t let you login, factory reset it to its default settings. You will have to re-enter any customized settings later.

Router Working But No Internet

Sometimes after a storm, the router will temporarily lose its stability and a simple reset will fix everything. And sometimes the router is working fine, but the modem has been corrupted by the storm.

Router appears to be working but can’t access the internet — situation: Some of the lights show a connection (usually the network will broadcast but the connection from the modem will be gone)

Consult the Official Support Manuals For Your Router

And if you have a weird problem, such as the only two lights that are lighting up are the power light and the internet light — the 2.4GHz, 5Ghz and every other light are off, consult the troubleshooting manual for your router. Here they are online for Netgear, Linksys (US), Asus, TP-Link. If your router manufacturer isn’t listed, just search for “router support [your router make and model]”.

How to Prevent Router Damage in a Storm: Surge Protector, or UPS

Electrical storms and inclement weather can cause high humidity inside your home, which can weaken your indoor WiFi signals. To protect your router from power outages:


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