Fix for No Streams Available or Vshare EU Pair Authorization Streaming Error [on Kodi]

fix kodi stream authorization errors

Since you’re here reading this, odds are that you have clicked on a streaming link served from or site, for example, and instead of proceeding to the selected video content, you were shown a pop-up stream authorization error message. No fun. But easy to fix.

By linking your IP address to, you can fix this stream authorization error for the next four hours. After this period, you can repeat the same process to fix this error.

First, watch this video to get those video streams working.

Fix for No Streams Available Error Exodus Redux

No Sources: Exodus Redux

If you are trying to play something on Exodus Redux, and you immediately get “No Sources” because Exodus Redux gave up before it even got started, here is the likely cause, and how to fix it:

Either due to an update or a crash, Lambda Scrapers has turned off all of its default sources. Here is how to turn them back on:

  1. Open Exodus Redux >
  2. click Tools
  3. click SETTINGS: Providers
  4. Providers (on left)
  5. “Choose Module Provider Source” should be set to “Lambda Scrapers”
  6. Open Lambda Scrapers Settings
  7. Modules (on left)
  8. Select: “Enable All Providers (for current Module)”
  9. (Wait for this to complete, it may take a few minutes)
  10. To check if it worked, select “Providers” on the left side, you should see some of the providers flipped to the “on” position now
  11. Done! Back out to main menu and watch

[Thanks to this reddit thread]

Problem: Movie Won’t Play Even When It Looks Like it is About to Start

Problem: you can find streams in Redux but they fail to play; they look like they are going to play (screen darkens, progress icon appears in middle of screen, and the play symbol appears in the top right corner beside the time) BUT after a few seconds, the screen returns to the list of streams. Eventually, if you’re lucky, you find one that works after going manually through a dozen of the links.

You’ve already changed the scrapers from default to Lambda (as above). So what’s the fix?

The Fix For Your Movie Not Playing When It Looks Like it is About To Start

On the main Exodus Redux menu, go to the last menu item: “Info!” Under lambda scraper settings you MUST select a module. Try selecting all and your issue should be fixed. (Without using RD or premiumize).

Here’s another easy fix for another KODI ERROR: No Stream Error (Exodus Redux) that works unless the whole repository is down, which was the case in early September 2020

Video Summary:

  1. Open Kodi App.
  2. Go to Settings, then System Settings.
  3. Within System Settings, confirm in Add-ons that Unknown Sources is ON.
  4. Back button, go to File Manager.
  5. Add Source: type (not .com)
  6. Name it fusiontv. Go to OK.
  7. Back to Add-ons, down to Install from zip file. Find fusiontv.
  8. Enter the folder “Begin-here” and install indigo.
  9. Wait for it to install.
  10. Go back to Exodus Redux (or your usual video add-on) and now play a movie — video streams should be available.

What the Heck is, and are all extremely popular video servers, hosting databases of over 800 million popular tv shows, movies, and other video content. and other streaming URLS work with android streaming boxes, desktop pcs, iOS — whatever system you use for media streaming — as they are cross-platform video sharing websites.

Great! Except when Kodi doesn’t work, and you already have the popcorn and couch ready to go for a delightful marathon weekend of whatever political commentary show lights your pants on fire.

Back to the task at hand. As you may know, the Kodi video add-ons (Exodus, Nemesis, etc.) connect to web servers.

With all these apps attempting to scrape the video contents from the vshare, thevideo, openload, etc. servers, the Kodi developers recommend that you pair your device with (or respective media server) for a seamless viewing experience.

Source: (

What is the Http:// Stream Authorization Error?

If you receive this error while attempting to use the Kodi media player, then simply authorize the stream by pairing your device IP with the media server.

Within the Kodi media player, all sorts of devices request access to the contents of the video servers, often at the same time. Popularity is nice but all this attention can stress out the server and slow it down.

Because humans are creatures of habit and we have similar biorhythms and work habits, we often all choose to sit down with a cup of hot chocolate to view the same documentary after work hours, pinging the heck out of the servers. To further increase the server load, not only users but also scrapers and bots are constantly trying to access the same servers, also with their cups of hot chocolate.

All of this enticing and distracting hot chocolate action could lead to possible server failure, if it weren’t for stream authorization! As annoying as it is, controlling server traffic by requiring stream authorization actually improves the user experience by making content available to legitimate users.

Hurray for temporary inconvenience.

Fix Method 1: How to Pair Your Device IP

After the streaming authorization error popup, try these steps to pair with the vshare server:

  1. Start Kodi, then select your desired video Addon from the menu. I like Exodus
  2. Try choosing a movie through that Addon
  3. After selecting a video, if instead of your video selection, you receive a pop-up which says Stream Authorization Required To Play This Video, then using that same device brower, visit https://vshare. eu/pair
  4. This site will assign you an IP address which with to pair the remote server and your streaming device. (Stream cred.)
  5. Fill out the usual Captcha
  6. After a little wait you will see a Green Checkbox.
  7. Finally, click on the Pair or Active Streaming option and you’re good to go.
  8. You’ll know it was a success if Your Device Paired Successfully
  9. NOTE: provides your special IP link service for up to four hours. After four hours, repeat the above steps to repair your device IP with the Vshare eu pair IP address. Once you have made the link between your device and the vshare pair website, do not reset or turn off your internet or VPN. If you do, just repeat the above steps again.

Method 2: VPN Fix

Sometimes the easiest fix is by connecting to a trusted VPN. I use PIA (private internet access), but use whatever floats your boat.

The steps are the same as Method 1, but this time you are pairing your VPN IP with the remote server IP.

  1. Connect your device VPN to whichever location you want. USA is a popular choice.
  2. Head to your browser and paste in the address bar.
  3. Activate the page to secure the link.
  4. You now have an IP address authorized to stream third party applications and video content which wasn’t previously accessible from your original location. Ah, technology. Use wisely.

Source: (

Method 3: Fix Authorization Error By Configuring URL Resolver

Other methods didn’t work? Give this method from a whirl.

  1. First, Launch your Kodi App.
  2. Click on Settings.
  3. Go to System Settings and click on it.
  4. Now convert the Settings Mode into Expert Mode.
  5. Under the Add-ons option, choose Manage Dependencies
  6. A long list will appear; look for and select URL Resolver.
  7. From URL Resolver, select Configure.
  8. Different hosts will appear; from them, select and then disable it.

Last Resort Alternative Method to Fix Error on Kodi

If all else fails, try this method.

  1. Open your Kodi App.
  2. Go to the Addons and click Video Add-ons.
  3. Open the Video Add-on (Exodus, for example) you are using and click Settings.
  4. Select Play and disable hosting provider with subtitles.
  5. Save settings

This will eliminate popup errors in your Kodi application.

Similar Fixes for Other Servers

The above steps of fixing the annoying Kodi streaming authorization error for, also work for other remote content servers: pair error, / couple – error, / couple – error, / partner – error.

These content servers are set up in the same way, so simply approach them utilizing the above steps and methods, substituting with the respective host. For example, use to fix openload errors.

Is Vshare.Eu/Pair Trustworthy?

Who knows.  ( says: “Yes of course!” and recommends this server “for those who are getting the interception and unwanted servers while they are watching the videos through the different Addons on their Kodi.”

Use a VPN just to be safe. I don’t use one with my android streaming box on an isolated network, but I would if I were streaming third party content from remote servers on my computer or smartphone.

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